Meeting with adolescents and young people to plan the continuity of the Campaign "What City We want to live?" Version 2012.

On November 26, Saturday, from 8h to 17h, the State School Costa e Silva, on Almirante Barroso AV. will host the Formation encounter of 130 adolescents and young people, representatives of 13 education communities / neighborhoods in the metropolitan region of Belém – RMB, to plan the 2nd stage of Campaign: What City We want to live? sponsored by the Instituto Universidade Popular – UNIPOP, in partnership with several local institutions.

The meeting will discuss the challenges and difficulties that adolescents and young people face, such as: violence (murder of black and poor youth) absence of public policies, lack of access to leisure facilities in the RMB. Among others, these problems were identified by young people themselves in the process of training and monitoring of UNIPOP.

Therefore, adolescents and youth RMB (Barreiro, Benguí, Terra Firme, Guamá, Condor, Tapanã, Cremação, Pedreira, Sacramenta, Telegrafo, Cabanagem, Ilha de Cotijuba e Distrito Industrial) proposes to continue the campaign, where they develop actions for mobilization, coordination and advocacy. In addition to strengthening every teenager and young participants, their organizational capacity and participatory proposition for collective action within and outside their communities, as well as network performance in social and political articulation.
The campaign aims to articulate and promote a broad process of mobilization, participation and development of local actions (workshops, hiking, lectures, seminars, etc.), in 15 Education Communities (RMB and municipalities of Santarem, and Maraba)

participants of the Program Youth , Participation and Autonomy, contributing to the empowerment of Amazon youth, strengthening and extending individual and collective actions to promote and guarantee their rights.


Date: November 26 (Saturday).
Time: 8h to 17h
Place of meeting: State School Costa e Silva, Almirante Barroso, in front of the Assembleia Paraense.
Contact: Instituto Universidade Popular - UNIPOP: 3261-4260/3224-9074
Alex Pamplona: 8138-3616/8399-0777 - selli Rosa: 8399-0770

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